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The 4-Martini Lunch: A Food & Drink Guide for the Modern Real Man

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A symbol of POWER, a starter of CONVERSATION, and a solidifier of SUCCESS: the martini is timeless.

But The 4-Martini Lunch isn't for the faint of heart. It's for gentleman who crave sophistication, masculinity, and seclusion. It's for the man who gathers in a study to sit back with a strong drink, smoke a cigar, and shoot the shit with his peers.

Keith Previte, TV/Film producer and high-octane chef, is brining back the iconic, old-school power lunch with a delicious twist. In The 4-Martini Lunch he reveals his most flavorful dishes to pair with the perfect martini. From his Grand Seafood Tower to the Wiki Tiki Rack of Lamb, there's a mouthwatering companion to each martini you pour.

So, are you man enough to indulge in The 4-Martini Lunch?